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In pain? Unwell?

And The Usual Treatments
Not Working?

-  Everything Heals Better When Aura Anchoring Is Right  -

Now Worried About What Else To Do?

Worse Still, Worried That It Could Be
Something More Serious?

- Everything Heals Better When Aura Anchoring Is Right -

Geoff Leury

Australian Energy Healing


Sometimes, the usual treatments just don't work because 

they are being blocked by

Incorrect Aura Anchoring

Is Something More Serious Being Overlooked?

It's easy to feel like there is something more serious going on when you're not getting better. And more so, when therapies, medications and treatments that are usually quite effective don't seem to be working. Not only do you still have the pain and symptoms of the problem, but it is difficult not to worry that something has been missed, that there is a far more serious underlying problem that has been overlooked, and it is going untreated.

          Not Necessarily!          

Aura Anchoring

For best possible healing, maximum energy must be able to flow  from the aura to the physical body. And for this to happen, the aura must be in perfect alignment with the physical body. And perfect alignment is achieved when the aura is anchored correctly to the physical body.


Correct Aura Anchoring
Perfect Alignment
Maximum Energy Flow
Best Possible Healing

If therapies, medications or treatments don't work as they usually do. It could be because the aura is not anchored correctly to the physical body and now the aura and physical body are misaligned. It doesn't necessarily have to be a serious undetected issues like some cancers or heart conditions, for example.

Misalignment reduces energy flow from the aura to the physical body. Reduced energy flow means the body doesn't have enough energy to make full use of or maintain any work done by doctors or therapists.

Aura misalignment can result in incomplete healing or, worse, no healing, even though practitioners are doing the right thing and applying appropriate  therapies, medications and treatments.

Ultimately, competent practitioners and the usually effective modalities they use are being hampered or blocked by incorrect aura anchoring.


Incorrect Aura Anchoring
Poor Energy Flow
Incomplete Or No Healing

Example 1

Trevor has broken his left leg. His surgeons have treated the break but the leg does not seem to be healing very well at all. It is taking  a very long time, and he still has a lot of pain and symptoms. This is unusual. The year before, Trevor broke is right leg in virtually the same manner, and after similar treatment, it healed very well within the expected time frame. Something is different this time but nobody can work out why.  X-rays, MRIs and other tests of the broken left leg are very similar to those of last year's broken right leg. So, what could be stopping the left leg from healing properly?

Maybe the mechanism anchoring the aura to the left leg, which is not visible on X-rays or MRIs, was also broken when Trevor broke his leg. Now, there is misalignment between the aura of the left leg and the physical left leg, so the body has less energy with which to heal the break, hence healing is slow and uncomfortable.

Example 2

Leah can't seem to shake a chest infection. Medications, which are usually quite effective, aren't doing much at all this time. Tests show that the infection is similar to other infections that have responded to the same medications. What could be going on? Is it the hidden beginnings of lung cancer?
Let's not jump the gun. Perhaps it is misalignment between the  aura of the chest and lungs and the physical chest and lungs because the anchoring mechanism has been damaged somehow. So, now the body doesn't have adequate energy to fight the infection. 

Example 3

Sarah's physiotherapist, with whom she has had very good results, can't seem to help fix her neck pain. In desperation Sarah tried chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists, but it's the same thing - not much help at all. Would it be worthwhile seeing if some misalignment between the aura and physical body might be the cause?

- Everything Heals Better When Aura Anchoring Is Right -

    Fixing Incorrect Aura Anchoring    


Australian Energy Healing


Joint Anchor Technique

Joint Anchor Technique has been developed specifically to fix aura anchoring.

It works energetically to balance energetic joint anchors, major structures of the aura involved in the mechanism that anchors the aura to the physical body.

Joint anchor technique is solely an Australian development.

The 2 ways Joint Anchor Technique helps you get back control and to feeling like your old self again


Pain And Symptom Relief


Peace of Mind Reassurance

Let's Look At Pain and Symptom Relief

By fixing aura anchoring  and making sure maximum energy flows from the aura to the physical body, Joint Anchor Technique gets you the energy your body needs to take control of healing. Now, your body can start to relieve pain and ease symptoms, and get over the problem once and for all.

As well as this, other treatments are not being 'blocked' from working. Now, they can also start to work for you in a much more effective way.

In the examples above, Trevor's leg can start to heal, Leah's can finally start to shake that chest infection, and Sarah' neck pain can start to ease, after treatment with Joint Anchor Technique.

What About Peace of Mind Reassurance

It's always a scary prospect when things that should be getting better for some reason don't. It's easy to start to think the worst endings for "What if I have...". You know I mean cancer, heart disease, arthritis, all the hard to fix stuff.

It's reassuring to know when things start to get better, you can be pretty certain it's none of those things. This peace of mind alone goes a long to way to helping get over any health condition.

In the examples above, Trevor can rest easy knowing that he doesn't have to have his leg amputated, Leah can continue to make plans for the future because she doesn't have lung cancer and Sarah doesn't need to buy that neck brace, although it was a very stylish design.

  -  Everything Heals Better When Aura Anchoring Is Right  -  

     -     DEMONSTRATION     -     

Click the arrow and watch the 90 second demonstration of the example of how
Joint anchor technique is used to relieve neck pain

Some questions answered

How does Joint anchor technique ease neck pain?

It anchors the energy patterns in the aura that represent the neck correctly to the actual physical flesh and blood neck, when injury, disease or illness disturbs the energetic mechanism that anchors the energtic neck to the physical body. The energetic anchoring mechanism is comprised of energetic structures in the aura known as energetic joint anchors.

Why is correct energetic anchoring important when trying to ease neck pain?

Correct anchoring means correct alignment, and correct alignment means the flow of energy between the energetic neck and physical neck is mormal. When energy flows normally between the two, there is no neck piain. Unfortunately, any injury, disease or illness has the potenttial to disturb the anchoring mechanism of the energetic neck, and hence cause misalignemnt between the energetic neck and physical neck. If the misalignment is not dealt with and it remains, energy flow from the energetic neck to the physical neck can be disturbed and abnormal. This can result in neck pain..

Why doesn't a Joint anchor technique practitioner need to touch the physical neck?

Because Joint anchor technique is carried out on the energy patterns of the neck, which are in the aura around the physical flesh and blood neck. So, there is little need to touch the neck.

Why doesn't physical therapy seem to be helping me as much anymore?

The pain might not be due to problems with parts of the physical flesh and blood neck but, instead, it might be due to misalignment, between energetic neck and physical neck which standard tests, scans and imagery might miss.


Australian Energy Healing and Joint anchor technique are in no way substitutes for medical advice or therapy. Always consult your trusted health care professional if you have any concerns for your health or well being.

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