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"I have been seeing Geoff for over 20 years and have found the non-invasive energy healing has helped for all of my health issues over the years. if you have an ongoing health issue I recommend seeing Geoff."

Carol Peckham, Torquay, Victoria

“Geoff has been treating my family for probably the last 20 years. He is one of the most caring people I know and has helped us in so many ways it is impossible to explain them all. A few examples are when my daughter broke her arm she couldn’t straighten her arm out and after a few visits with Geoff she was able to move it freely again.

My husband was incredibly sick with not a good diagnosis and after two treatments was feeling so much better that he actually was able to go back to work. My father-in-law had extremely big problems with his balance and was struggling to walk, after one treatment he was able to walk steadily again. I quite often have neck and shoulder problems which he is able to work on without physically adjusting or cracking me and the result is always the same, the pain goes away and movement comes back.

I seriously could go on for ages with all that he has done to help my family. His treatment seems unusual but all I can say is as far as we’re concerned the outcome is always a success. I would highly recommend anyone regardless of their problem to see Geoff for whatever reason as he has always helped us and we are always so incredibly grateful for his help.”

Lisa Buckley, Jan Juc, Victoria

"I have been treated by Geoff Leury at various times over the past 10 years for a number of different issues both physical and emotional, it has been phenomenal the results we have had, and of which I am eternally grateful. I cannot recommend Geoff more highly."

Susan Moller, Torquay/Jan Juc, Victoria

“I have been having treatment with Geoff for a number of years for various issues including skeletal, muscular and emotional. Geoff’s non-invasive healing treatment works on many different levels and truly is amazing, always giving me great results. I have recommended Geoff to other family members and friends who have been very happy with his treatment and had great success.”

Michelle Bone, Torquay, Victoria

“I don’t know what that man does but whatever he does most certainly makes you feel a hell of a lot better.”

Shirley Cherry, Brighton, Victoria

“Geoff has been treating me for the past ten years for digestive issues and general well being. I have found his treatments work incredibly quickly and effectively. I always experience great results.”

Darron Gravett, Torquay, Victoria

“I have been going to see Geoff for more years than I can remember. After many visits to doctors I was always unwell and would spiral getting worse each time. I was suffering from chronic asthma, chest infections, pneumonia, pleurisy and sinus, all with the emotional and mental issues of being a sufferer of chronic illnesses. At a time when I needed help, thankfully, I was referred to him from a close friend. Nothing I had done in the past had helped me until I started to go and see Geoff for treatments. That’s when I started to improve and get better, and I have never looked back. I can highly recommend Geoff for whatever the ailment, he helps on so many different levels.”

Jenny Bowen, Anglesea, Victoria

"Having been told by a doctor I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 40 (I was in my 20's) I decided to look for other alternatives. I found Geoffrey Leury about 10 years ago. In that time he has got me off all pain  medication, 30 years worth, opened by lung capacity and helped me become more mobile and active. Not much pain anymore except old age. I am now 72 and working 5 days a week in a voluntary capacity.

I cannot recommend Geoffrey Leury highly enough for all the help he has given me."

Jan Brearley, Belmont, Victoria

"Several years ago I was referred to Geoff Leury by a work colleague. I had been to different Doctors and a Naturopath over a couple of years, regarding a painful and weeping leg ulcer. I had been prescribed potions and lotions, as wellas booked in for surgery (which I cancelled). None of the treatments worked.

In desperate need to somehow 'cure' the ulcer, I made an appointment to see Geoff, who was also a Chiropractor. I trusted that he would be a professional healer, whatever technique he might use.

Thankfully, my intuition to make an appointment and see Geoff worked. With several treatments of non-invasive energy healing, my ulcer shrunk and finally healed. With bandages off, I could take a shower and wear socks again!

I've been seeing Geoff for energy healing for all sorts of wellbeing issues for over the past 12 years. Having an energy healing, for me, is something like a 'tune up' and a 'feel good' experience. When I walk out of Geoff's clinic, I feel reconditioned and able to face the daily stresses and issues, with more awareness and peace.

If you have a health issue, or are simply feeling run down and tired, I recommend that you call Geoff for an appointment."

Leah Nielsen,  Yarragon, Victoria

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