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Health Not Improving?

And Worried About What To Do?

Geoff Leury

Australian Energy Healing


Can Kickstart Healing 


Well, there's a bit more to it than that, because...

You're Still In Control


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To be more precise, I help your body get back on track and heal and fix  itself. Ultimately, you're body is always in control, as it should be.. It just guides and tells me the best way i can be a help.

I I help you using an Australian energy healing technique called Joint anchor technique.

Joint anchor technique is not a physical therapy. Instead, the hands work energetically through the energy patterns of the aura associated with the area of pain to restore normal energy flow through the area.  Normal energy flow means less pain!

Geoff Leury

Bsc (Melb) Dip Ed(LaT) BAppSc (Chiro)
Member of the IICT

MAYBE it's time for a different approach

Joint anchor technique

improves health through energy healing

not physical therapy


Not getting better? It's OK to try something different

Don't think yourself out of line if physical therapies aren't working for you as they used to, so you decide to explore different approaches

take the example of
     -     NECK PAIN     -     

Click the arrow and watch the 90 second demonstration of the example of how
Joint anchor technique is used to relieve neck pain


Some questions answered

How does Joint anchor technique ease neck pain?

It anchors the energy patterns in the aura that represent the neck correctly to the actual physical flesh and blood neck, when injury, disease or illness disturbs the energetic mechanism that anchors the energtic neck to the physical body. The energetic anchoring mechanism is comprised of energetic structures in the aura known as energetic joint anchors.

Why is correct energetic anchoring important when trying to ease neck pain?

Correct anchoring means correct alignment, and correct alignment means the flow of energy between the energetic neck and physical neck is mormal. When energy flows normally between the two, there is no neck piain. Unfortunately, any injury, disease or illness has the potenttial to disturb the anchoring mechanism of the energetic neck, and hence cause misalignemnt between the energetic neck and physical neck. If the misalignment is not dealt with and it remains, energy flow from the energetic neck to the physical neck can be disturbed and abnormal. This can result in neck pain..

Why doesn't a Joint anchor technique practitioner need to touch the physical neck?

Because Joint anchor technique is carried out on the energy patterns of the neck, which are in the aura around the physical flesh and blood neck. So, there is little need to touch the neck.

Why doesn't physical therapy seem to be helping me as much anymore?

The pain might not be due to problems with parts of the physical flesh and blood neck but, instead, it might be due to misalignment, between energetic neck and physical neck which standard tests, scans and imagery might miss.

There is hope!

Get Rolling Again

With Australian Energy Healing


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You're too important to family, friends, colleagues, the community and yourself




Australian energy healing and Joint anchor technique are in no way substitutes for medical advice and therapy. Always consult your trusted health care professional if you have any concerns in relation to your health and well-being.

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