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3 Healing Ideas


3 HEALING IDEAS explores the foundation ideas behind a different approach to energy healing - the anchoring and alignment approach of Joint anchor technique.

Written in plain language and with the aid of colour diagrams, it is a must for anyone interested in pushing the boundaries of energy healing.

Troll Negative Entities

and the

Negative Person Label

BLACK 17.png

Dealing with negative thoughts is never easy at the best of times, but it can be even more difficult when our thoughts are gripped by spirit entities called troll negative entities. Troll negative entities deceive us into believing our negative thoughts are not negative at all, but in fact are positive. Why would we deal with thoughts that we are convinced are positive, not negative? This deception can keep us surrounded in clouds of negativity, and can lead us to be labelled as a negative person by those around us. We can even end up labelling ourselves as a negative person. And worse still, start behaving as if the label was true.


Using the 6 Handmovements routine, Troll Negative Entities and the Negative Person Label shows us a way to remove troll negative entities and rid ourselves of the negative person label, so that we can think positively about ourselves again.

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